HistaBlock: The Herbal Antihistamine

Caused by an immune response to pollen, dust mites, molds, foods, or other substances, allergies spark an inflammatory response in the body. Histamines are produced to attack the invading allergens, which then manifests itself as dry or watery eyes, itchy nose, nasal or lung congestion, runny nose, scratchy throat, or even hives. Prescription or over … Continue reading HistaBlock: The Herbal Antihistamine

The Real Story About Soy

Over the years, soy has developed a bad reputation. Fear of hormone disruption, poor mineral absorption, digestive issues, and other woes has grown so widely that people fear ingesting soy in any form. However, soy continues to be a staple in the diets of some of the healthiest communities in the world. Here, we will … Continue reading The Real Story About Soy

The Original Multi-Vitamin

Benefits of Liver Although uncommon in America, liver has historically been consumed for thousands of years throughout the world.  In many cultures, it is considered a delicacy. The French foie gras and pâté, Scottish haggis, and German liverwurst are just a few examples of liver’s global popularity. Steeped in civilizations with a tendency to let … Continue reading The Original Multi-Vitamin

Calling All Athletes!

Introducing, NeoLife's Sport Performance Protein:  For more info or to order, reach us by phone at (423) 899-8422 or by email at naturesfinestnutrition (at) gmail.com. Visit us on our website and Facebook! We’re always happy to help! Please note: We do not directly or indirectly give medical advice or prescribe through alternative treatment.  We recommend that people contact their doctor if … Continue reading Calling All Athletes!

The No. 1 Blend for All-Natural Allergy Relief

Allergies have met their match. This five-fold blend of herbs — fennel, fenugreek, mullein, horseradish, and boneset — together work to reduce the inflammatory response caused in the body by airborne and seasonal allergens. This allows the lungs and respiratory system to cleanse itself of mucus and other toxins for easy, clear breathing. Customer Testimonies: … Continue reading The No. 1 Blend for All-Natural Allergy Relief

Long Long & Live Well with Tre!

Science has shown that a special group of nutrients called polyphenols, typically found in superfoods, plays a wide range of critical roles in supporting and maintaining optimal health, longevity, and cognitive capacity throughout life.  Research shows that when polyphenols are absent or deficient in our diets, aging processes are accelerated and disease risk is higher. … Continue reading Long Long & Live Well with Tre!

Why You Need B Complex – NOT B12

Are you looking to take B12 for an energy boost? Do you want to strengthen your hair, skin, and nails with biotin? While it might seem easy to take a single B vitamin, it’s wiser to supplement with the whole B complex. If one B vitamin is deficient, it’s likely others are out of balance, … Continue reading Why You Need B Complex – NOT B12