Nature’s Finest Nutrition is a health and nutrition office dedicated to helping people in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas maintain healthy lifestyles and develop healthy habits.  Founded in 1980 by Jim Hangstefer after his battle with terminal brain cancer, NFN serves thousands of people in more than 20 states!




Jim is known throughout the Chattanooga area for his knowledge about nutrition. It is not only his health related knowledge, but his Godly knowledge that has brought healing to many people in the area. In the spring of 1978, Jim was suffering from dizziness and headaches. After consulting with a doctor, a large tumor was found in his brain. Jim and his wife Pat, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, sought guidance and peace from the Lord to bring them through this hard time. After reading through God’s Word, it was clear to Jim that the Lord wanted him to live a long and prosperous life. The brain surgery removed 80% on the tumor, but the doctors still predicted 6-9 months for Jim to live, with the help of Chemotherapy. However, Jim sought after an alternative to Chemo. With the help of Pat’s parents, Jim and his wife began researching the nutritional approach to taking care of our bodies. They began a rigid program of organic food and herb supplements. After two years of eating healthier and being on the nutritional program, the remaining 20% of the brain tumor had miraculously disappeared. This amazing salvation in Jim’s live served as a catalyst to promote healthy lives with the help of vitamins, minerals, and organic foods. Jim truly believes that what we put into our bodies will determine the potential that we obtain in return. If we load ourselves with food that has poor nutritional value, we will suffer the consequences. Proof of how important our health is can even be found in the Scriptures. God does not want us to be sick, but we “reap what we sow”. Jim is the owner of Nature’s Finest Nutrition where he not only sells herbs, vitamins, and minerals, but cares for the well-being of every customer and seeks to aid them in living the life that the Lord has ordained for them.


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